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We Offer: Computer Service, World-Wide, With Our Remote Technical Support.  If you can get online, we can save you money with our remote service.  No more service call fees for small problems. Save time and money!  Click for more info and for a free 15-minute demo: RTS.

We Offer: In-home and In-Office Computer Service on the Treasure Coast of Florida at reasonable rates.  Wireless Network setup, virus and spyware removal, upgrades, hardware replacement.  Call us locally at 772-408-4425.

We Offer: Free Question Of The Week Newsletter.  Each week, we publish our Question Of The Week email in which we answer a question asked by one of our customers.  We share the information when we feel many people would benefit from it.  To sign up for our list, just click HERE.

We Offer: Free Word And Excel "Tip Of The Month" Email.  If you use Microsoft Word or Excel, you'll enjoy our Tip Of The Month emails.  Reading the email won't take up much of your time and you'll learn ways to save more time when using either or both of these software programs.  To sign up for the Word and/or Excel tips, just click HERE.

We Offer: Free Online Tutorials.  In the course of our personal one-on-one training, we are constantly developing tutorials which we put together on our "How To" page.  You find tutorials covering many aspects of computer usage - Email, File Management, The Internet, etc.  These are all FREE and you can access them anytime you want.  Why not take a look now?  Just click HERE.

We Offer: Free Blog.  Subscribe to our blog, Keystrokes 4KCC,  and automatically receive computer-related information.  Our blog postings are usually brief but packed with valuable information.  Why not take a look now?  Just click HERE.

We Offer: Computer Training: Basics, Microsoft Office and much, much more.  On Florida's Treasure Coast, we come to you; world-wide, we train via remote sessions.  We offer package deals based on the number of lessons you purchase at one time.  Call us at 772-408-4425 for more details.

We Offer: Monthly Seminars.  Each month, except July, and August, we offer a live seminar open to all.  The cost is just $8 per person and we cover a myriad of subjects.   See the information in the right column of this page for the next seminar!

We Offer: Web Hosting and Domain Registration.  We offer a number of web hosting plans to fit your needs.  Just want a simple webpage?  Need a store and shopping cart?  We have it all.  To find out more, please click HERE.

We Offer: New Computers.  We're a Lenovo Channel Partner and proudly offer Lenovo Desktops, Laptops and Tablets to fit your every need. We are also Microsoft OEM Partners and we offer new desktop servers for small businesses, built by us, tailored to your specific needs.  Call us at 772-408-4425 to discuss what we can do for you! We also set up new computers which customers have purchased elsewhere. (Remember, we're a service company, you don't have to buy from us!) We'll make sure that all updates are installed, all the software you want is installed as well, and the stuff you don't want is removed.  We also offer free advice on what to look for in a new notebook or netbook.  Call us!

We Offer: Secure Transactions.  We accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.  Your transactions are safe with us as we pass all industry standards for handling your credit card information.

We Offer: Great Products.  Customers often ask us what products we use - whether it's computer memory, software, cables or gifts. We have a very strict policy: we only recommend products we have tested and companies we have found trustworthy.  If you click on any of the links, you can feel confident in the purchases you make.  See all the computer-related products we endorse by clicking HERE and see all the non-computer-related products we recommend by clicking HERE.



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